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A married couple might offer to let a good friend move in with them temporarily when this person experiences a substantial financial setback. If the situation works out better than they expected, the three might discuss a longer-term arrangement. A contractor providing basement remodeling in Westfield, MA could build a studio or one-bedroom apartment for this individual, allowing everyone to have some extra space and privacy.


Planning this project will be fun for the homeowners and their friends. This project for basement remodeling in Westfield, MA will include a full bathroom if there isn’t already one downstairs. The space must be safe for cooking with an oven and range.

A basement with no exit point aside from stairs to the first level must have one created by the contractor. This can be accomplished by installing an egress window through which people may quickly leave in case of an emergency.

Recouping the Cost

If the friend has recovered financially to a certain extent, this might be the right time for the arrangement to include at least a small monthly rent payment. That would cover the utilities used and begin contributing to the cost of the basement finishing project.

Depending on how long the three continue with this living situation, the months of rent might eventually pay for a substantial amount of the remodeling. Even if the full cost is never covered by this person’s rent, the homeowners have significantly increased the value of their property.

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