Tips for Finding The Best Solar Panel Contractors in Phoenix, AZ

by | Nov 30, 2023 | Roofing

After doing the necessary research, you have finally decided to get solar panels. Now, only one issue remains: finding skilled solar panel contractors in Phoenix, AZ. This task can be challenging as there are numerous companies in the industry, all claiming to offer quality services.

Below are tips you can use to find the right company for solar panel installation.

Talk to Your Friends and Neighbors Who Have Solar Panels

People close to you who have installed solar panels in their homes are an excellent source of information. Ask them for recommendations, and you will get names to start with.

Here are some questions you can use to get valuable insights

  • How responsive and communicative was the contractor?
  • Did they handle the project as promised, or were there hiccups along the way?
  • How quickly did the contractor respond when an issue occurred?
  • Did you like the process?
  • Would you use this contractor for future projects?

Get Multiple Quotes and Compare

Once you obtain a list of potential contractors, ask them for quotes and compare the costs. Doing so ensures you avoid getting overcharged.

Search the Internet for Local Contractors

You can find local contractors online by searching for solar panel contractors in Phoenix, AZ. You will find reviews and information on the services offered.

If you seek skilled and qualified solar panel contractors in Phoenix, AZ, contact Solarships for a free quote on solar panel installation.